What is "Wa-no-mai"?

When human beings first started to dance, they harmonized with other people and harmonized with the natural world. "Wa-no-mai" is a world of dancing that values such ancient, simple and natural ways.

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"Wa-no-mai" is a circle dance

Why is "Wa-no-mai" a circle dance?
People in primitive society gathered in circles and danced to connect to the central sanctuary of the circle. This was a dance form widely seen not only in Japan but also both in the West and the East.


It seems to be evidence that this form is universal because human beings instinctively seek to reflect the nature of the universe. This primitive dance was not only a dance but also a living universal religion before the religion of words, playing an indispensable role in the formation of one's sense of solidarity, unity, catharsis, and super-sensory abilities.

However, because of the evolution and expansion of dance for performances, this primitive universal culture has been lost."Wa-no-mai" is not a dance to entertain, but to revive the primitive dancing feeling in our memory. A long time ago, dancing for human beings was the thing that made our mind and body more naturally in tune;  it was indispensable for human beings to maintain perfect harmony.

"Wa-no-mai" reproduces the way of dancing the same way as it was in ancient times when dance was essential for mankind.

"Wa-no-mai",  "Wa" means "circle" ...Let's make a circle, and dance as one!
We know from dancing that we have been as one.

And when we feel that we have been as one, we were born from a bigger, bigger circle,
from the earth, from the mother circle,  from the universe, from a bigger circle ...


Even if we have hurt her kindness, the Mother Earth has accepted us in her bosom.
Let's play in her bosom again, truly!


If we can return like children as if they are playing innocently,
the mother will be filled with joy, we will truly know her love.


It is not difficult to return,  we merely become a circle!  That's it.

We can do it. First of all let's reclaim our mother circle and spread that circle to the world!


Since we are the children of the world that Japan was called the country of "Wa(circle)" long ago.

A world at the core of indigenous culture

The animism circle dance is at the core of spiritual culture. It is the pillar for establishing and maintaining a harmonious society, maintained by indigenous people, and even today a few ethnic minorities have maintained it.


A world of deep, deep sense can harmonize silently beyond words. They have learned it by dancing in a group and have passed it to their descendants. The world that reproduces the fundamental principle of such a lost dance... is "Wa-no-mai".

About the founder

Kazuki Chiga

The founder of "Wa-no-mai".
From his self-transformational experiences through dialogue with the body,
he has discovered laws about the connection between body and mind.
He started "Wa-no-mai", a place where everyone can nurture mind from the essence through the body,
as the ancient sacred dance did.
It is especially important and necessary for the present age.

Meanwhile, acquisition of cosmic laws through the body, he has revealed
theories working between the universe and the universe unseen, and the universe and humans.
One of his theories has proved the complete interlocking of the history of human beings and

the planetary cycle (earth rhythm), known as "Gaia's law".

"Gaia's law" has attracted attention from various areas.

Currently, "Wa-no-mai" has spread all over Japan. The dance has  revived human being's natural way of living, and it has proved familiar and been appreciated to many people.

His book includes "Gaia's Law (Gaia's Law I. II)".

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